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Tell me a little about SANOGE!

With SANOGE we are setting new standards for the business wardrobe of the worldly woman. We are a young fashion label based in Augsburg that has a clear mission:
your perfect outfit . As unique as you. And sustainably manufactured in Germany.

Using the digital fashion configurator, you become the co-designer of your unique favorite piece. Exclusive designs combined with a perfect fit and hand-picked fabrics. Contemporary designs that clothe – and accompany you.

With SANOGE we are setting a strong example for “Made in Germany” . All of our designs are created exclusively in our company’s own factory in Augsburg, Germany. This means we guarantee maximum transparency, fine quality and uncompromising sustainability. With every needle prick.

Together with you, we will revolutionize the business wardrobe!

We at SANOGE know your best sides and make you shine. Confidence and strength to wear.
Elegant. Clean. Timeless.

SANOGE was founded in 2019 by Sarah Maria Nordt and Xiaoping Zhao-Moll. The two Female Founder Power Ladies met while studying at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). There, Sarah Maria was currently studying for a master’s degree in business management and Xiaoping was studying for an executive MBA.

The two ran into each other at the legendary university ball, started talking, followed by many meetings with numerous cups of coffee, after work cocktails, more official meetings… and so the idea of ​​SANOGE was born.

Elegant. Feminine. Clean.

A timeless sheath dress that celebrates the female silhouette. Noble essentials for your capsule wardrobe. The perfectly fitting blouse that accompanies us to Jour Fixe on Mondays and exudes casual elegance at Sunday brunch with the same naturalness. Well dressed with ease, from boarding to a business dinner, from a kick-off to an after-work party.

If you are looking for smart and distinctive statement pieces for everyday business life and want more than standard off-the-shelf sizes, then SANOGE is the right choice.


Made to last.

Sustainably and fairly produced business wear is our mission. We see taking responsibility for people and nature as part of our identity.

We are committed to adhering to the highest social and environmental standards along the entire manufacturing and supply chain. Our motto: Transparency – 100%.
We at SANOGE see ourselves as a transparent factory and we invite you to personally convince yourself of the quality and sustainability of our collections.


You are the focus.

For us, you are the focus. With our digital SANOGE fashion configurator you become the co-designer of your absolute favorite piece. Because only you know what the blouses and dresses that perfectly complement your business wardrobe look like! You might also find your new favorite piece in our Essential Collection . Because appearance matters.

In any case! And therefore we are proud.

We would be happy to welcome you to our studio in Augsburg. Our creations are created there in our Urban Manufacturing Unit. Visit us on site and take a look behind the scenes of “Made in Germany”.

Would you like to visit us with a larger group? Your best friends? Your colleagues or as a team event from your company? Sure, that works too. If you have a larger group, we would be happy to tailor an individual program for you – for example with an exciting impulse lecture on the topic of “Fashion & Digitalization” or “Sustainability in the Textile Industry”.

Just in case: Feel free to write to us at


Co-design, Essential Collection, made-to-measure: What can I order from SANOGE?

Let’s make it short: At SANOGE you will find your perfect outfit .

You have the following options for this:

In the ESSENTIAL Collection we offer you selected SANOGE designs in sizes 34 to 46. You can order these designs directly as they are. Since in the ESSENTIAL Collection, in contrast to the SANOGE configurator, we work with previously created designs and standardized clothing sizes, you can also return your order if in doubt. The ESSENTIAL Collection is therefore not made to measure, but is particularly easy and quick to order in selected favorite designs, of course with our unmistakable design signature and made in our studio in Augsburg.

With our digital SANOGE fashion configurator you become a co-designer yourself. Here, dresses and blouses are created in a module-based modular system that ideally match your wishes and ideas. As unique as you.

For your very special request and for the implementation of a dress idea like you have never seen before, we are there for you with our tailor-made special service . Perfect Fit guarantee included.

Very easy and convenient in our online store .

We would also like to warmly welcome you to our studio in Augsburg for personal advice – or answer any questions you may have via

The regular delivery time for your order from the ESSENTIAL Collection is approx. 4 – 7 days .

Why is that? Sustainability is important to us. Therefore, we have decided against pre-producing large quantities of inventory, thereby wasting unnecessary resources. Your order will be made in our studio immediately after we receive it and then sent directly to your home. This means that your new outfit from the ESSENTIAL Collection is not tailor-made, but still made exclusively for you. As unique as you are.

Yes, this is possible for styles from the ESSENTIAL Collection .
In contrast to tailor-made dresses from the SANOGE configurator, you can easily and simply return dresses and blouses from the ESSENTIAL Collection 30 days after ordering if you don’t like them. Please note, however, that every return involves considerable additional effort and environmental impact. Because sustainability is part of the DNA of our corporate philosophy, we would like to explicitly point this out to you so that you may want to reconsider whether you really want to return your order.

In the ESSENTIAL Collection we offer you selected SANOGE designs in sizes 32 to 46. You can order these designs directly as they are.

You can also order your co-design from the SANOGE fashion configurator as a standard clothing size.

With all of our standard clothing sizes, you can be sure that you are getting the best of the best. Our clothing sizes have a high degree of fit and comfort. As a fashion brand with a focus on tailoring, we are true fans of cutting technology – and you can feel that in our standard sizes.

Which size suits you? Visit our size guide . If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you via


How does co-design work?

Very simple and stylish with our digital SANOGE fashion configurator .

From your creative idea to a tailor-made business look: Design your dream blouse or dress with our co-design configurator! Slim fit or do you prefer a loose fit? Made of smooth jersey or with a luxurious jacquard look? In our co-design configurator you can put together basic cuts, fabric types and collar variations according to your needs and individual style.

1. Choice of material and color

Which color perfectly complements your business wardrobe? Should it be jersey, jacquard, twill or virgin wool? You decide!

2. The right fit for your figure

Find your personal fit that fits your body type perfectly and meets the required business dress code – from business formal to business casual.

3. Details make the difference

A selection of different collar shapes and extravagant details, such as flounces or flaps, turn your blouse and dress creations into unmistakable highlights of an office wardrobe.

Experience first-hand in our configurator how your creations become what you imagine, piece by piece: With just one click you can change the color, change the cut or add details. Our 3D visualization shows you every change to your personal design draft in real time.
You can easily order your desired design online. If you have any questions, you can reach us at at any time .

In our SANOGE fashion configurator we offer you a hand-picked selection of exclusive fabrics. You are welcome to receive fabric samples from your favorites. We will send these to your home free of charge. To do this, please contact our customer support at with your fabric favorites .

The clothing sizes in our SANOGE fashion configurator are very precise. They offer a high level of comfort and an excellent fit. You can find out which size is best for you in our size guide .

To prevent this from happening, you can find your perfect size using our measurement table . Our clothing sizes are very precise, meaning they offer you a high level of comfort and correspond to “realistic” body proportions. You will feel good!
If you ever feel like your standard size doesn’t fit you, we’ll be happy to improve the fit for you. No problem! Please contact our customer support via . We certainly can’t conjure up an XL from an

In addition, you can of course also receive your co-designed dress as a purely made-to-measure product . Please simply write us an email and we will guide you through the process. This means that the issue of “fit” and “sizing” is no longer an issue – because you receive our irresistible Perfect Fit guarantee .

Yes and no :-). In our digital SANOGE fashion configurator you will find an extensive “creative box” of diverse modules that will guide you to your individual creation.

Do you have an idea for “your perfect collar” that just doesn’t exist in the fashion configurator yet? Then we will make an individual custom-made product for you and nothing will stand in the way of your creativity in this regard. Simply contact us by email. We are here for you and look forward to implementing your ideas in fabric and color!

Naturally! Your co-designed dress, blouse, etc. can also be made to measure for you. We would be happy to welcome you to take measurements in our studio in Augsburg, in our flagship store in Cyprus, in one of our partner stores – or you have already stored your individual measurement table from a previous order in your customer profile. Then all it takes is one “click” and your co-design becomes a custom-made product.

If you have any questions, please write to us at .


How does custom-made work work?

In order to receive your exclusive design from SANOGE as a custom-made product, we only need one thing from you: your body measurements.

Are you already a SANOGE customer and have you had yourself measured in the past? Fine! Your measurement table is then stored in your customer profile and we can use it.

If you have never had a design tailored to your body by us, we can measure you in the first step. To do this, you can visit us in our studio, in one of our partner stores or we will come to your home or office with our mobile tailor service.

As soon as the design is finalized and we have your measurements, we will create an individual cut for you – uniquely tailored to your silhouette. Included with Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Short and compact: your unmistakable perfect fit .

A blouse that fits perfectly, a dress that perfectly emphasizes your silhouette or a design that you’ve wanted all your life but never found in the store. SANOGE is the answer to the female demand for business clothing, feminine tailoring, individuality and functional elegance to a fashionable denominator. As made-to-measure creations are tailor-made to fit your individual silhouette. For maximum comfort, breathtaking elegance and a silhouette that puts your personal figure perfectly in the spotlight.

Products tailored specifically for you are exclusive one-off products. These are excluded from the general return option and from exchange. With our Perfect Fit Guarantee, this shouldn’t even be an issue for you. If you have the feeling that your dress, blouse, etc. does not yet correspond to your ideal feel-good fit, we will adjust it again later so that you are 100% satisfied in the end. So that you know what your final design will look like in the end, a real-time visualization of your personal details with a 360° view is integrated into our configurator. We’re here for you! So that you are always thrilled and exchanges are not an issue.

Between 2 to 6 weeks.

Your important lecture is already in two weeks, your best friend’s party is already in 10 days, or you just can’t wait? No problem – with us, custom tailoring can be done very quickly.

For everyone who has a little more time 🙂 : The regular delivery time for an individual made-to-measure product is approx. 6 weeks. It also depends on your scheduling, as we will carry out one to three fittings with you. We adapt to your schedule.


What is sustainable about SANOGE's designs?

Our designs are


Whether dress, jacket or blouse: all SANOGE creations have their origins in our own factory in Augsburg, Germany. In our studio, trained master tailors work to handcraft your sustainable business essentials with the utmost care. From cutting to sewing to finishing: at SANOGE everything happens in one place. We consciously avoid subcontractors. We know our seamstresses personally and know exactly which materials are used for your business wardrobe and who works on them. No child labor, no wage dumping, no crooked things.


Unnecessary inventory, overproduction and destruction of excess collections are a thing of the past. Thanks to the latest technologies, at SANOGE we have the opportunity to flexibly produce your business clothing on-demand. This saves us valuable resources – fabric, water and dyes. We were also able to optimize our material consumption based on sophisticated algorithms. By using our technical system to calculate how the individual patterns are most efficiently cut from the fabric panels, we get the most out of every meter of fabric.


Has your figure changed and the dress or blouse is a little tighter? At SANOGE there is no reason to look for new clothes. We equip all products with additional seam allowance. This means your favorite dress or blouse can grow up to one or two sizes without much effort – and always in an optimal fit. Because we believe: change should not be a disadvantage!

You can find more details on the topic of sustainability here .

SANOGE clothes are made exclusively in our own studio and production facility in Augsburg, Germany. In this way, we guarantee compliance with the highest social and environmental standards, create responsible jobs, minimize transport routes and offer you a local contact as well as maximum flexibility to meet your individual wishes. For uncompromising transparency. We know our seamstresses personally and are proud of their great work and perfect craftsmanship, which gives our products their unmistakable character.


We only use the highest quality fabrics from hand-picked suppliers to make our dresses. These meet strict environmental and social standards and have a transparent supply chain. We source virgin wool fabrics for dresses, for example, from Alfred Brown, a first-class traditional weaving mill in Great Britain. Our blouse fabrics come from two suppliers with production in France and Italy.

Fun fact: The fabrics we use for our blouses are resistant to coffee and red wine stains. Thanks to a patented weave. And the best thing about it: eco-certified and made from 100% cotton.

We maintain a trusting relationship with our suppliers, which we are happy to maintain in the long term. For fairness at all levels.

The sad but little told news:

The fashion and textile industry is the second largest polluter worldwide

… responsible for more than 10% of global CO2 emissions. And this is only surpassed by the heavy oil industry. There are many reasons for this: 30% primary overproduction, supply chains with over 40,000 km of transport routes, up to 30 different sub-suppliers per item of clothing… to name just a few factors. In addition, greenwashing campaigns with false “sustainability promises” mislead customers and consumers. Not nice conditions. We have put together a comprehensive overview for you on our sustainability focus page .

We at SANOGE have decided to take a radical stand against these terrible conditions. Uncompromisingly sustainable, courageous and perhaps a bit rebellious. We rely on Made in Germany and on-demand production : This allows us to achieve the highest level of supply chain transparency , eliminate overproduction and guarantee compliance with the highest social and environmental standards . With a design from SANOGE, you are clearly choosing this way of life – and the appreciation of our natural foundation. We say THANK YOU for being part of the SANOGE family. Because together we can make the world a better place. Here you can learn more about our commitment to sustainability.


I would like to become a reseller of SANOGE Couture. Is that possible?

We at SANOGE attach great importance to maximum customer support and exclusivity. Upon request, we will be happy to check whether you are suitable as a reseller of SANOGE Couture – both in the area of ​​our ESSENTIAL Collection and for SANOGE made-to-measure products. Simply send us a short message to and we will be happy to get in touch with you.

Would you like to apply for a career at SANOGE in the tailoring/studio, design, marketing, sales or back office areas? Then please send us your meaningful application documents by email. We also always offer open positions for interns. We look forward to hearing from you!